Pre-natal Bodywork

I get asked often if I offer pre-natal massage the answer is yes I do. Mostly Therapeutic/deep tissue pre-natal massages. Most of my clientele are deep tissue clients second most is pre-natal massages. Swedish or light massages are not my forte.

I know moms need pain relief especially while expecting. I hear a lot from pre-natal clients that massage therapists are afraid to work on them.

I am not afraid, I’m here to help. I studied pre-natal while in massage school and enjoy taking continuing education pre-natal massage classes.

I do understand why some therapist have concern with doing pre-natal, there are certain points to be cautious of, on these areas I do massage lightly or avoid them. For example blood clots in the legs can be common in pregnancy and we don’t want them moving up to the heart so if I do I work on the legs durning your massage I do so lightly. That being said I won’t work on you if you are high risk and don’t have approval from your doctor. If you have concerns always ask your doctor.

In my experience pre-natal clients love having their shoulders, neck, feet and especially the glutes and low back worked on. I enjoy that I can help ease some of their pain and discomfort.

If you come to me for a pre-natal massage and want pressure I’m your person. I won’t just “rub lotion” on you. (I suggest Deep Tissue while pregnant for those who have had it in the past but we can still do Therapeutic/Medium Pressure if it’s your first massage)


How I set up for pre-natal:

If you aren’t very far along and can lay on your tummy comfortably I will place a pillow right below the belly as you lay face down just to help take any pressure on the tummy. I do not have a pre-natal table (they have holes with a place for belly and breast to hang) I have heard that these tables can cause ligament damage. Since gravity will be pulling the tummy and breast down and there isn’t any support.

I prefer to use lots of pillows. If you have pillows that you prefer for example a pregnancy pillow bring it with you otherwise I have lots of pillows to support you and mini you or 2 minis…


I do my best to be sure you are as comfortable as possibly. As always speak up if the pressure isn’t right or you aren’t comfortable let me know. Remember it’s your massage, I will never be upset if you ask me to make adjustments this time is about you!

Link with more info on pre-natal tables and massage

And Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy

Caroline Meeks Licensed Massage Therapist inside Tulsa Yoga Quest.

Call/text me at 918-710-8896 to schedule.

Thank you friends for allowing me to use your maternity pictures and information.


  • Beth Richmond Yoga Instructor specializing in Pre-natal yoga you can contact her at 918-521-4920
  • Chelsea Skogen Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Pilates, and Exercise Recovery. You can contact Chelsea at
  • Lisa Eshenour check her out on Usborne great books for kids
  • Bailey Stephens-Johns Yoga Instructor and Professional Doula. E-mail

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