411 on getting on the table…

Just some 411 for new clients or massage regulars to make your massage the best experience!
If you are a new client try to arrive 10mins before your appointment time to fill out paperwork, go over what you need worked on, use restroom, and be ready for your massage.
If you are a regular client show up about 5-10 mins early so we can start your massage at the scheduled time and get your full time.

If we start late I may have to cut your time to not go into the next clients time.

Please give at least 24hr (prefer 48hrs) minimum notice for cancelation or rescheduling. If we don’t get enough time it’s hard to fill that spot. Of course I understand emergency situations. If it becomes a regular issue you’ll be charged.

Please turn your cell phones off. Your phone going off doesn’t bother me however I notice that when your phone rings/text alert clients tend to not be relaxed any more or tense up.

This is your time to relax and enjoy your quiet time away from the real world. Of course if you need it on for let’s say an emergency that’s understandable.
Speak up- if the pressure is too much for you let your therapist know. Sometimes we can tell from body language or muscles not relaxing but not always so if you feel as if you are going to jump off the table from pressure please tell me! You know your body better then anyone. I want you to feel better not worse after your massage. It is normal to be sore the next day but if you feel too sore or in pain please let me know. Also if it’s not enough pressure let me know.

Drink lots of water it helps you not be as sore the next day, helps muscles heal, and keeps the skin healthy, skin is the largest organ. 🙂(no it’s not to “flush out toxins”)

Butts that’s right butts everyone has one. If you have sciatica or back pain working your glute muscles helps tremendously.

For massage therapist’s undergarments just get in the way. We keep areas covered when we aren’t working on them and private areas are kept covered. I can work better without underwear in the way however I understand modesty. If you feel more comfortable leaving your underwear on then do. Remember it’s your massage and all about your comfort.

Women- I get this one a lot “Sorry I forgot to shave”. Trust me that is nothing to worry about. Think about it we work on guys with hair. Wether you are growing out your leg hair to get waxed or forgot to shave it really doesn’t bother us. So don’t worry!

Tips: “Don’t Pee in the Snow” no not that kind of tip. Not all therapist feel this way… I appreciate tips very much but I don’t expect them. I understand that not everyone knows to tip their massage therapist or maybe they only have enough $ in the budget for a massage, massages can be expensive. I would rather someone not be in pain then to stress about waiting till they can tip me. On another note I have had clients say “oh must be nice to get paid a dollar a minute” 😂😂😂. Most massage therapist don’t make a $1 a minute there is overhead cost, insurance, continuing education cost and more.. or if they are an employee they get a % of what you pay usually anywhere from 30%-50%. Long story short I am very grateful for tips but if for whatever reason you can’t tip I won’t be angry or give you a bad massage next time. I have to pay bills just like everyone else but I love helping others especially those who need it the most. If you do like to or are able to tip they suggest 15%-20% like you would for hair stylist, server, etc.

Last one for today. Please don’t call massage therapist “Masseuse” in the USA that is slang for the dirty unprofessional type people. We are Massage Therapist.

Thank you for taking the time to read my massage etiquette 101.
Other therapist or clients who have thoughts please feel free to comment.

Just my opinion not speaking for all therapist’s.

I hope to make your massage an escape from the real world and for you to leave feeling much better then when you came in.

Toni Caroline Meeks

http://www.vagaro.com/embodiedworks Tulsa, Oklahoma

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