What to expect from my Therapeutic Bodywork

I’ve been a Therapeutic Bodyworker (LMT) for over 8+ years. I love learning and taking continuing education credits. Here is a list of some of the modalities (different forms of massage) I specialize in, am certified in, or completed continuing education courses in.

Throwback to 2011/2012 Massage School….


Therapeutic massage is more pressure than a Swedish massage (relaxation) and incorporates many other modalities.

Therapeutic is more for pain relief & therapy than to relax (but many find it relaxing). Therapeutic or Medical is most beneficial for those who have injuries such as whiplash, frozen shoulder, TMJ, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and more. I’ve learned from working at chiropractic offices how to effectively treat these issues and many others.

•Deep Tissue/Sports

Many of my repeat clients receive deep tissue massages and a lot of athletes prefer deep tissue for recovery. Deep tissue works deeper into the muscle and connective tissue. Many clients have gone elsewhere to receive Deep Tissue but have said the therapist never went deep enough, they definitely do not have that issue with me. If anything clients usually ask that I “lighten up” or say “man you’re strong”.


Trigger point & Instrument- assisted soft tissue therapy helps break up scar tissue, soft tissue fascia restrictions, ease radiating pain and increase range of motion.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, and Thai Massage-

Basically these fancy words in not so many words mean different forms of stretching. I add stretches or what I like to call lengthening (muscles do not stretch they release or lengthen) into my massages this helps rehabilitate and lengthen your muscles.

Thai massage is a full body stretch and usually you are fully clothed. As a certified yoga instructor I enjoy incorporating some of these stretches into my massages. Zen Body does offer full Thai massages with Amy Miller.

Pre-natal read my other blog on Pre-natal massage it goes into detail about my pre-natal massages.

Pre-natal Massage

Ashiatsu means “foot pressure” I am certified in Ashiatsu meaning I massage with my feet. With the feet the pressure is deeper but broader pressure, usually you aren’t as sore as you might be with deep tissue. Right now I do not have the bars I need for balance to offer full body Ashiatsu however I do have a stool and can work the shoulders with it. I usually don’t incorporate it into every massage but if you’re interested please let me know! It feels amazing.

•Craniosacral I add a little craniosacrall into most of my massages. When I do this I apply lighter pressure at the base of the skull/neck and hold for a few breaths. A lot of times I can feel the whole spine lengthen while doing this. I also love adding this one to savasana or final relaxation in my yoga classes.

Hot Stone Massage A great way to warm up your muscles, improve circulation, promote relaxation and ease tension.



I have experience with aromatherapy wraps and have taken many classes on essential oils. I add essential oils into most of my massages, they have many benefits from helping ease tension, acts as a decongestant, pain reliever, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and more depending on which essential oil is used.

Now let me tell you about some of the modalities I do not specialize in or offer.

•Energy work, Chakra Balancing, & Reflexology – but Amy Miller (owner at Zen Body Yoga & Wellness) excels at and offers them and Thai massage.

I do some reflexology (more pressure points) on the feet & hands to benefit the muscles and nerves. (I don’t use reflexology as a tool to treat internal issues, illnesses, or to move energy)

•Swedish Massage which is light pressure for benefit of relaxation. I do not offer very light pressure.

Last but not least pictures of my favorite client…

For more information or to schedule a massage with me, Toni Caroline Meeks you can contact me at 918-710-8896

Zen Body is now closed. I am now located inside Tulsa Yoga Quest.

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