Pre-natal Bodywork

I get asked often if I offer pre-natal massage the answer is yes I do. Mostly Therapeutic/deep tissue pre-natal massages. Most of my clientele are deep tissue clients second most is pre-natal massages. Swedish or light massages are not my forte.

I know moms need pain relief especially while expecting. I hear a lot from pre-natal clients that massage therapists are afraid to work on them.

I am not afraid, I’m here to help. I studied pre-natal while in massage school and enjoy taking continuing education pre-natal massage classes.

I do understand why some therapist have concern with doing pre-natal, there are certain points to be cautious of, on these areas I do massage lightly or avoid them. For example blood clots in the legs can be common in pregnancy and we don’t want them moving up to the heart so if I do I work on the legs durning your massage I do so lightly. That being said I won’t work on you if you are high risk and don’t have approval from your doctor. If you have concerns always ask your doctor.

In my experience pre-natal clients love having their shoulders, neck, feet and especially the glutes and low back worked on. I enjoy that I can help ease some of their pain and discomfort.

If you come to me for a pre-natal massage and want pressure I’m your person. I won’t just “rub lotion” on you. (I suggest Deep Tissue while pregnant for those who have had it in the past but we can still do Therapeutic/Medium Pressure if it’s your first massage)


How I set up for pre-natal:

If you aren’t very far along and can lay on your tummy comfortably I will place a pillow right below the belly as you lay face down just to help take any pressure on the tummy. I do not have a pre-natal table (they have holes with a place for belly and breast to hang) I have heard that these tables can cause ligament damage. Since gravity will be pulling the tummy and breast down and there isn’t any support.

I prefer to use lots of pillows. If you have pillows that you prefer for example a pregnancy pillow bring it with you otherwise I have lots of pillows to support you and mini you or 2 minis…


I do my best to be sure you are as comfortable as possibly. As always speak up if the pressure isn’t right or you aren’t comfortable let me know. Remember it’s your massage, I will never be upset if you ask me to make adjustments this time is about you!

Link with more info on pre-natal tables and massage

And Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy

Caroline Meeks Licensed Massage Therapist inside Tulsa Yoga Quest.

Call/text me at 918-710-8896 to schedule.

Thank you friends for allowing me to use your maternity pictures and information.


  • Beth Richmond Yoga Instructor specializing in Pre-natal yoga you can contact her at 918-521-4920
  • Chelsea Skogen Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Pilates, and Exercise Recovery. You can contact Chelsea at
  • Lisa Eshenour check her out on Usborne great books for kids
  • Bailey Stephens-Johns Yoga Instructor and Professional Doula. E-mail

Getting to know…

Random questions and answers to get to know me better.

Do you have kids? Nope we don’t want any just our dogs, our nieces and nephews. ❤

Do you use sarcasm a lot? Yes a lot!

What’s the first thing you notice about people? Smile or eyes

Favorite vacation spot?

Seattle WA #secondhome

Favorite smells? Orange, Mint, and Coffee

What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Probably Hawaii I believe would be the furthest

Favorite person you’ve seen in concert? That’s a hard one between Paul McCartney and Michael Buble (he touched my hand)

Where were you born? California

What are your hobbies? Yoga, travel, spending time with husband and dogs, drinking coffee, and cycling.

Do you have any pets? 2 dogs (our fur kids)

At our wedding…

Why did you become a Massage Therapist? To help those with chronic pain because massage therapy has helped me with chronic pain.

Why did you become a yoga teacher? I have been practicing for many years, wanted to share the many benefits of yoga, and teach others how to help themselves.

Do you have any siblings? 2 older brothers and an amazing sister in law.

Any tattoos? 8 and counting.

What was your favorite/worst subject in High School? Favorite French, German and Theatre and worst was Math.

Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? Bad Yogi and JP Sears

Favorite memory from childhood? So many.. spending time with family and friends, vacations, swimming, dance and Disneyland.

Myself and my nephew Alex

How would you describe your fashion sense? Lacking or non existent.

Tell us one of your bad habits? Caffeine!

Name 3 things in nature you love? Mountains, Stars, animals, ocean.. four my bad.

Picture from our honeymoon…

Your favorite song? The Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera

3 random living famous people you admire? Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, and Neil Degrasse Tyson.

If you could live anywhere where would you live? Washington State or somewhere in Europe.

Do you have any nicknames? Yes Toni from my middle name Antoinette.

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up? A dancer/ballerina, pilot, or lifeguard .

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading.

❤ Toni Caroline💗

My love for Yoga

I began yoga many years ago as a child at a dance studio I attended. My friend and I couldn’t stop laughing and we ended up being asked to leave the adult yoga class. Of course in my rebellion that made me want to do more yoga. So I started by practicing at home with yoga tapes (Kids this was before DVDs). At first I enjoyed yoga because although I danced I wasn’t naturally flexible and yoga improved that. Yoga also introduced me to meditation which helped me to stay focus and learn how to calm my mind (I have Bipolar).

After years of practicing off and on I came back to practicing yoga regularly in 2013 mostly to help me get a handle on my anxiety, stress and help with my back pain. As I continued to practice yoga I wanted to share my love of yoga with others.

I enjoy teaching kids and adults. I can see so many benefits of yoga when teaching children. I love it when kids say “this is yoga?” , I like to make my kids classes fun and playful but mindful. I enjoy teaching adults because I can help them with massage therapy but with yoga they can learn to help themselves. I feel that yoga and massage go so well together.

I especially like teaching non stereotypical “yogis”, as a plus size person myself I enjoy sharing yoga with every ONE and every BODY.

I am so grateful to do what I love.

Thank you!


Toni CarolineIMG_0350

Reviews (Therapeutic Bodywork & Yoga Sessions)

What my clients and students have to say about “Toni’s” Caroline’s massages and yoga classes. Caroline/Carolyn now goes by Toni. 

“Caroline’s yoga and barre classes are accessible to all levels of yogis.  She is welcoming, her classes are playful and she has an awesome sense of humor. Caroline’s classes are great at focusing on alignment and have a great variety of poses. She always plays great music too! :)” -Vivian

“Caroline is wonderful. She has done several in home private sessions with me abd I couldn’t be happier. She takes the time to do a thorough intake and really gain an understanding of what you want and need. She then creates a customized plan for you. I found her workouts to be just what I needed. She is available if I have questions and will help in any way she can.”- Hannah


“I have been seeing Caroline for almost 2 years now. She is courteous, knowledgeable, responsive to your needs, and excellent at what she does. I have chronic pain issues and she helps keep me pain-free. I wouldn’t go see anyone else!!” -Joanna

“Caroline is one of the best massage therapists I’ve ever had. She is strong yet gentle. She has an amazing diversity of knowledge and was able to help me with everything from migraine headaches to tmj. I highly, highly recommend her!!”-Dilene

“Everytime I get a massage with Caroline she does a great job! She is especially good at deep tissue massage!” -Lisa

“You need Caroline in your life! She is an amazing massage therapist. She might be tiny but she is mighty. One it the best deep tissue massages I’ve ever had. Check her out!!” -Kim

“Great girl that gives a Great massage!!  Will continue to see her every chance I get.”- Nick

“Caroline is great, in my recovery after my accident it was recommend to do deep tissue massages to help heal and help keep everything in line, A++++ to her i feel great, better then in a long time, neck is staying in place. Great job Caroline and thanks.” -Paul

“Caroline took my low back problems away…with her feet and hands! It was not painful at all. She was attentive through the entire massage ensuring I was getting the right amount of pressure on every spot. Thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to go back!” -Angel

“Caroline has been the best for my recovery. My muscles were so tight that I was having knee and back pain to an extreme level. With Caroline’s help my pain is gone.”-Deanna

“I have had many massage from Caroline ranging from relaxation to Ashiatsu, I enjoy them all. She listens to the needs of her clients.” -Minnie


“Yoga with Caroline is the best! So relaxing yet refreshing afterwards!”-Amanda


“Caroline Meeks does a fantastic job with both Swedish and Deep Tissue massages. She always puts me at ease and creates a perfect environment. I appreciate it that she always does the full 90 minutes and knows just the right amount of pressure for a very therapeutic and yet relaxing experience. I highly recommend Caroline to anyone looking for an expert Massage Therapist!” -Michael

“Caroline has amazing pressure! Told her about some pain I was having and she worked on that area for me. I’m very pleased to say that I am now pain free.” -Esther

“Caroline is awesome! She does an amazing job! I highly recommend her to anyone.” -C’Ann

“She is so good at her craft. I’ve taken family members to her and we all love her massages. Caroline is the best.” -Lynn

“Caroline is absolutely amazing! Perfect deep tissue and ashiatsu massage!!!” -Jacie

Licensed Massage Therapist at Body By Toni located inside Cultivate Strength at 15th and Harvard.

918-710-8896 Caroline Meeks “Toni”